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Have an email list you're under leveraging? We can help you use it to build your business!

teamSocial Team Portal

Information and tools to keep your team in the game, to stay on top of your social media activity, and to get the most out of your teamSocial service.

Your teamSocial Team Portal is your password-protected dashboard to manage your team email list, communicate with us about your services and tools, and to keep an eye on your social media activity in one easy to navigate space.

teamSocial Team Portal

Overview of your teamSocial Portal

  1. Add names and email addresses to your weekly teamSocial email. These emails go out every week to everyone on your teamSocial email list to remind them to use their smartphone web apps, give them access to your social media dashboard, provide social media tips and information, and can even include a special message from you about promotions, business notifications, or whatever you want!

  2. Need to make a change to your Smartphone Web App? Send us the information you need changed through this quick, simple web form and we'll get on it!

  3. Your personal message. This message is whatever you included in the last email...it can be anything you want to communicate with your team.

  4. Your real-time social media dashboard. These widgets can be customized to include a wide variety of information across your social media footprint, as well as additional insight into traffic to your website and more. Your weekly teamSocial emails contain a link to this dashboard so everyone on your team can see how their efforts are contributing to your business.

  5. A link to your custom Smartphone Web App 1-Sheet so you can download a copy any time you need it to share with a new team member. This simple 1-sheet walks them through the simple process of adding the web app to their home screen.

  6. A list of your online footprint, including your website, your social media profiles, your Yelp page(s), and anything else you want to collect in one place. It's surprising how often the folks on your own team don't know everything you're doing - so this list is a nice way to keep everything top-of-mind so you can remind your team what's going on.

  7. A nice, simple form to send us whatever message you'd like to include in your weekly teamSocial email. You can even attach a Word doc if you prefer, and we'll work with that to create your message to your team. 


Client Say

“My staff was reluctant to get involved in social media for the longest time...they kept telling me they "didn't know what to post."

With teamSocial, all they have to do is send a little something in each day...even if it's not very good, the teamSocial folks take care of crafting a good post from what they send in...and it's fun to see what happens with the pictures and videos they send in.”
Cosmetic Surgeon, Rhode Island, Doctor