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Social Media Team Stats

What good is all this activity if we don't know what it's doing for us?

Social media is a powerful channel for your business. But it's not as simple as Pay-Per-Click advertising or traditional marketing where we spend a dollar and monitor our immediate, short term return. Sure, a good social media mix includes promotional messaging that can drive measurable immediate results - but at its best, your social media strategy and program should serve to connect you more deeply with your current customers, as well as invite a wider range of new customers to connect with you.

Social media should create your identity. Your brand. Your message. Your personality.

Social media should serve over the long haul to increase customer loyalty, and develop personal relationships that are built on more that monetary transactions.

So we build you a dashboard that gives you insight into what your social media is doing for you: impressions, traffic to your website, clicks, engagement, followers, tweets and more.

Get an overview of your social media activity and impact on your business

  1. Your dashboard can contain a wide variety of widgets from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more that we'll discuss and add for you - and we can update your custom dashboard over time to make sure we are tracking the things that are important to you and your team.
  2. Insights on your dashboard can include Facebook Followers, Likes, Clicks, Top Posts, Twitter Followers, Tweet Activity, Instagram Followers, YouTube Viewership, LinkedIn Company Page info, SEO Rankings and so much more.

  3. We can also help you with deeper understanding of your Social Media impact on your website traffic.

We are happy to add Google Analytics social media traffic widgets to your dashboard so you can track social referrals.

Client Say

“My staff was reluctant to get involved in social media for the longest time...they kept telling me they "didn't know what to post."

With teamSocial, all they have to do is send a little something in each day...even if it's not very good, the teamSocial folks take care of crafting a good post from what they send in...and it's fun to see what happens with the pictures and videos they send in.”
Cosmetic Surgeon, Rhode Island, Doctor