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teamSocial Weekly Team Emails

teamSocial keeps your team fired up with weekly emails.

teamSocial knows your team has their jobs to do, and that social media is an "extra" that can get lost in the shuffle, especially when people think "I don't know what to send".         

So to keep your team fired up and using your teamSocial service, we send out weekly emails that contain reminders to use their smartphone web app, along with social media tips and tricks, stats and more.

Weekly teamSocial Emails to Your Team

  1. You manage your list, we'll send weekly emails reminding everyone to use their Smartphone Web App and get in the game!
  2. Weekly emails feature helpful tips, interesting facts about Social Media to educate your team and spark ideas.                 

Weekly emails to your team will keep everyone involved in building your social media power!

Sample teamSocial weekly email

Client Say

“My staff was reluctant to get involved in social media for the longest time...they kept telling me they "didn't know what to post."

With teamSocial, all they have to do is send a little something in each day...even if it's not very good, the teamSocial folks take care of crafting a good post from what they send in...and it's fun to see what happens with the pictures and videos they send in.”
Cosmetic Surgeon, Rhode Island, Doctor