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teamSocial Smartphone Web App

the teamSocial custom smartphone web app puts your social media at your team's fingertips any place, any time.

teamSocial will build your team a simple, easy-to-use app for your team to install on their smartphones, so contributing to your social media is always at their fingertips.

FREE teamSocial Smartphone Web App

  1. FREE with your teamSocial subscription!
  2. Easy to follow 1-sheet (PDF) to share with all your team members that walks them through installation on their smartphone in a few easy steps.

Putting an easy-to-use smartphone web app in the hands of your team will make it easy for them to capture moments to share throughout their days. It's perfect for auto dealers, real estate companies, service companies with employees out in the field, businesses with multiple locations, restaurants and any business who wants to get everyone involved in connecting with current - and future - customers and the communities you serve.

Your teamSocial smartphone web app will feature a few simple fields for your team members to fill out in order to send whatever they want to share. They'll launch the app, give their name and location (if you have multiple locations, we'll build them into your custom web app), take a photo or video, describe it a little, give us a couple more details if their submission is time-sensitive, and hit "SEND".

Our team will get instant notification that your team has sent something in to share and will rework it as necessary to optimize the content for each social media profile - including hashtags, filters, grammar...whatever we need to do to help your team shine.

TeamSocial custom smartphone web app puts your social media at the fingertips of your whole team

Client Say

“I have LOVED using teamSocial to get my crew involved in our social media. I was nervous about giving some of the kids on my crew access to our Facebook and Twitter pages - but with teamSocial, I've been able to get them involved safely - and they love it!”
Ski, Beach and Patio Retailer - San Jose, CA, Owner