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Have an email list you're under leveraging? We can help you use it to build your business!

How teamSocial Works

teamSocial is easy to use - for you, and for your team.

teamSocial is built on a very simple idea: the best people to help you connect with people through social media are the only people who know your business better than you do: the people on your team.

Rather than giving everyone the keys to social media and having to develop complex company guidelines, plus training your staff on social media best practices, teamSocial will put the power of social media at everyone's fingertips while taking care of the heavy lifting for you! All you do is choose the teamSocial package you want (including options to include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more), give us a few company details so we can build your free smartphone web app, and we'll take care of the rest!

After you're set up (which can take as little as a couple of days), it's this simple:

  1. Your team installs your FREE Smartphone Web App.
  2. Your team sends us pictures, videos, descriptions of what they're sending.
  3. The teamSocial pros screen, edit, optimize and post on your social media profiles.
  4. Your team gets weekly emails reminding them to play, and with helpful social media tips and inspiration.
  5. You get weekly stats of your teams' social media activity that you can share with them.


Every teamSocial subscription includes tools to help your employees build your connections on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

FREE teamSocial Smartphone Web App

  1. FREE with your teamSocial subscription!
  2. Easy to follow 1-sheet (PDF) to share with all your team members that walks them through installation on their smartphone in a few easy steps.

Putting an easy-to-use smartphone web app in the hands of your team will make it easy for them to capture moments to share throughout their days. It's perfect for auto dealers, real estate companies, service companies with employees out in the field, businesses with multiple locations, restaurants and any business who wants to get everyone involved in connecting with current - and future - customers and the communities you serve.

Weekly teamSocial Emails to Your Team

  1. You manage your list, we'll send weekly emails reminding everyone to use their Smartphone Web App and get in the game!
  2. Weekly emails feature helpful tips, interesting facts about Social Media to educate your team and spark ideas.                 

Weekly emails to your team will keep everyone involved in building your social media power!

Weekly teamSocial Stats to Share with Your Team

  1. Make sure your team is using their teamSocial Smartphone Web App and getting the most out of your subscription
  2. You can reward your top contributors!

We can even help you understand how to read your Google Analytics reports to see the impact your team's social media is having on your website.

Client Say

“teamSocial has allowed me to get everyone in our dealership contributing to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest profiles - from Sales to Service - and even Finance! We've got most of our team sending stuff in, and everyone stays fired up thanks to the weekly emails teamSocial sends out.”
Auto Dealer, San Jose CA, Marketing Manager