Easy Event Marketing

Have an email list you're under leveraging? We can help you use it to build your business!

How teamSocial Events Works

teamSocial | events helps you use your email list to promote, monitor and grow your events.

teamSocial | events is built to help you easily promote events to drive awareness, attendance, and participation. All you have to do is provide the information we need, and we'll take care of the rest:

  1.   You give us the details about your event.
  2. You give us your customer list to email about your event.
  3. We provide a landing page for people to find out about your event and register.
  4. We can provide components for you to promote your event on Social Media.
  5. We provide detailed email reporting and landing page statistics.


Use teamSocial | events to drive awareness, attendance and follow up for your events.

1.Give us the details about your event.

  1.   Submit a teamSocial | event Event Brief with the details about your event.

We'll build your event Landing Page from the information you provide. Your event landing page can contain a wide variety of information, including pictures, YouTube video, time and date information, a Google Map and more!

2. Give us your email list.

  1. We'll email your customers to announce the event and invite them to the Landing Page for details and to sign up.
  2. We'll send your customers a reminder a couple days before the event so they don't forget!        
  3. We'll send a follow-up email after the event to get feedback from the people who joined you so you can improve your future events.                                                                           

We'll provide analytics so you know who opened your emails, who clicked links, and more!

3. We help you promote your event.

  1. When you promote your event with teamSocial | event we can also help you promote it on your social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter by providing you with graphics and text that you can post yourself - or, you can sign up for a teamSocial package and the social media pros will work with you every step of the way!
  2. We'll provide you with an overview of your Landing Page metrics so you know everything that's happening.

Need even more services like Pay-Per-Click, social media PPC, TV, radio, event banners or graphics? Just ask - we can help with all of that, too, through our network of creative and marketing professionals.

Client Say

“teamSocial has allowed me to get everyone in our dealership contributing to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest profiles - from Sales to Service - and even Finance! We've got most of our team sending stuff in, and everyone stays fired up thanks to the weekly emails teamSocial sends out.”
Auto Dealer, San Jose CA, Marketing Manager