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  • If your employees have smartphones, they can be social media stars.

    If your employees have smartphones, they can be social media stars.

    Getting them on your social media team is cool.

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  • Better social media through teamwork.

    Better social media through teamwork.

    Turn your employees into your social media team

  • Harness the power of Employee Generated Content (EGC) and teamSocial to create richer relationships and more engagement across social media

    You get a custom portal that lets you keep your team in the game and gives you complete access to your social media metrics!

    Check out the teamSocial Portal and see everything you'll have at your fingertips!

    Get up to 50 employees on your social media team
    starting at about $16.50/day!

    as low as $499/mo.

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    Build a championship Social Media team with teamSocial.

    Who knows your business best of all? Your people, that's who! They're the ones who are out there every day, on the front lines, building and selling your widgets, building customer relationships, traveling, building your reputation...

    teamSocial makes it easy - and fun - to get your whole team involved in building better social media by giving them tools to easily contribute moments from their days - any time, any place - while giving you easy-to-use tools to track the impact their contributions have on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube channels - and more.

    teamSocial Testimonials

    • teamSocial has allowed me to get everyone in our dealership contributing to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest profiles - from Sales to Service - and even Finance! We've got most of our team sending stuff in, and everyone stays fired up thanks to the weekly emails teamSocial sends out.

      Auto Dealer, San Jose CA
      Marketing Manager
    • My staff was reluctant to get involved in social media for the longest time...they kept telling me they "didn't know what to post."

      With teamSocial, all they have to do is send a little something in each day...even if it's not very good, the teamSocial folks take care of crafting a good post from what they send in...and it's fun to see what happens with the pictures and videos they send in.

      Cosmetic Surgeon, Rhode Island
    • I have LOVED using teamSocial to get my crew involved in our social media. I was nervous about giving some of the kids on my crew access to our Facebook and Twitter pages - but with teamSocial, I've been able to get them involved safely - and they love it!

      Ski, Beach and Patio Retailer - San Jose, CA